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The Chongju Terminal Control Area is part of the RKRR Incheon FIR that is composed of 2 airports, Chongju International RKTU and Jungwon AB RKTI.

Terminal Control Area

Chongju TCA.png

Airports Within the TCA

ATC Positions

Sector Position Callsign Frequency Coverage Area
Jungwon Approach RKTI_APP 129.650 Covers entire TCA and airports when other positions offline
Chongju Tower RKTU_TWR 118.700 Tower controller at RKTU
Chongju Ground RKTU_GND 121.875 Ground controller at RKTU
Jungwon Tower RKTI_TWR 126.200 Tower controller at RKTI

Arrival Procedures

The only STAR available is from the west to OSPOT or MATIZ. All other arrivals shall be vectored and clear of Osan TMA.


The MATIZ 1 arrival starts at OSPOT to MATIZ at 7000ft, then GARZA at 7000ft, then NOSON to JIKJI with a hold at 7000ft. Vectors from JIKJI or join an approach below.

Approach Procedures


Approach Course Frequency IAF and Alt FAF and Intercept Alt
ILS Y 06L 060 110.3 CHO/6000 HOMME/2100
ILS Z 06L 060 110.3 JIKJI/7000 HOMME/2100
ILS Y 24R 240 111.7 NOSON/7000 ZENZA/2100
ILS Z 24R 240 111.7 HYEIN/6000 ZENZA/2100

RKTI Jungwon AB

No charts available for Jungwon AB. All visual approaches for 18L/18R and 36L/36R.

Departure Procedures

RKTU Chongju Int'l

CHO1D Departure for all runways - runway heading initial climb 6000ft.


RKTI Jungwon AB

No SID's available from RKTI. All departures runway heading to 6000ft.