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The Osan Terminal Control Area is an American run TCA part of the RKRR Incheon FIR that is composed of 2 joint South Korean-American air bases (RKSW and RKSO) and 1 Army Air Field (RKSG). Phraseology is all FAA phraseology per the US Order 7110.65. Please see the XA Division's Guide to FAA Phraseology to control this area. Please note that altimeter settings are given in inches (Altimeter 2992) and are given in the IVAC METAR and ATIS, so no conversion is necessary.

Terminal Control Area

Osan TCA.png

Airports Within the TCA

ATC Positions

Sector Position Callsign Frequency Coverage Area
Osan Approach/Departure RKSO_APP 127.900 Covers entire TCA and airports when other positions offline
Osan Tower RKSO_TWR 122.100 Tower controller at RKSO
Osan Ground RKSO_GND 132.450 Ground controller at RKSO
Osan Clearance RKSO_DEL 127.300 Clearance Delivery at RKSO
Desiderio Tower RKSG_TWR 122.500 Tower controller at RKSG
Desiderio Ground RKSG_GND 119.500 Ground controller at RKSG
Suwon Tower RKSW_TWR 126.200 Tower controller at RKSW

Arrival Procedures

There are no STAR's available for the Osan TCA airports. Expect a handoff from Incheon Control from the south, Chongju Approach from the southeast, and Seoul Approach from the north. Provide radar vectors from there to join final.

Approach Procedures


Approach Course Frequency IAF and Alt FAF and Intercept Alt
ILS or LOC DME 9L 091 111.3 JADUB/4000 JERMY/1800
VOR DME 9L 088 116.9 OGBIE/5000 BANDT/1800
ILS or LOC DME 27R 271 111.3 AVRIG/4000 WONLI/1800
VOR DME 27R 279 116.9 OSCOR/4000 PLSNR/1800

RKSG Desiderio AAF

Approach Course Frequency IAF and Alt FAF and Intercept Alt
ILS or LOC DME 32 318 108.75 KRATT/3200 JOMBA/1800
RNAV GPS 32 319 NA KRATT/3200 JOMBA/1900
VOR 32 318 108.2 CASUL or HALRO arc to SITME/3200 TERCO/1800
VOR D 080 108.2 PTK/3000 Full Procedure Circle to Land*
  • All approaches can be performed for a circle to land runway 14 if wind restricts use of runway 32.

Suwon AB

Approach Course Frequency IAF and Alt FAF and Intercept Alt
ILS 33L 332 108.5 12 DME SWN/3500 7 DME SWN/2000

There are not many charts available online for Suwon. Visual approaches shall be used as a primary approach for runway 33L using radar vectors. Traffic should be at 2000ft when established on final at approximately 7nm from the runway.

Departure Procedures


Departures not going east or south towards the DRGGN or MUSTG intersections will be given radar vectors after departure. Runway heading and initial climb of 7000ft shall be given.

Max climb shall be 12,000ft with a handoff to Incheon Control for traffic going away from the Seoul TCA and Seoul Approach for traffic going through the Seoul TCA.


The DRAGN8 departure is for EASTBOUND departures towards intersection DRGGN. Initial Climb 7000ft


The MUSTG4 departure is for SOUTHBOUND departures towards intersection MUSTG. Initial Climb 8000ft.

RKSG Desiderio AAF

No SID's available. Runway 32 is preferred. Radar vectors after departure, runway heading and initial climb 7000ft.

Suwon AB

All departures will get the Suwon 6 Departure. Initial Climb 4000ft.

Runway 15R/L: Climb runway heading until 1500ft within 4DME, then left turn to intercept and track inbound SWN R-082 and climb to 4000ft to OSN VOR (114.7)

Runway 33R/L: Track runway heading until 1000ft, then left turn to intercept R-327 OSN then climb to 4000ft.

If traffic is unable the Suwon 6 Departure, then provide radar vectors after departure. Initial heading shall be runway heading.