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IVAO offers a rating transfer to its users who hold a real ATC or Pilot license of (fixed wing aircraft), or hold ATC ratings at VATSIM. Pilot ratings issued by VATSIM cannot be transferred.

Please note: The rating transfer is a voluntary offer by IVAO towards its users. The offer may be withdrawn entirely in the future or denied individually, by decision of IVAO Training Department, IVAO Executive or the DIR/ADIR of the member's division.

Rating transfers are only possible in active Divisions.

A rating transfer is possible only one time per user and section (ATC and Pilot side).

Effective Date

1 February 2019


To be eligible for a rating transfer, the applicant has to fulfil certain requirements:

  1. Hold a valid ATC or Pilot license, issued in accordance with ICAO/FAA standards, – or –
  2. Be a member of the VATSIM network with a rating as shown in the table below.
  3. Be a member of an active division on IVAO.
  4. Successful completion of the ADC or PP theoretical exam (as applicable).
  5. Has not failed the practical exam for the rating requested with the last six months
  6. Has logged a minimum of hours on our network (see conversion table for the relevant minimum hours).
  7. Shows exemplary behavior in accordance with IVAO's Rules and Regulations, i.e. no suspension entries in the past six months.
  8. The Division HQ of the applicant has to support the request. To be able to do so, the Division HQ will have to either know the applicant personally or had the occasion to see the applicant fly or control on our network.
  9. The proficiency of the applicant may be checked by the division, if deemed necessary through a practical check or interview before forwarding the request to the HQ Training Department for approval.
  10. HQ Training Department reserves the right to make a crosscheck.

Conversion of Licences

The conversion of real licenses as well as VATSIM's ATC ratings into IVAO ratings is centered on the abilities we expect the applicant to possess. Ratings not shown below are not eligible for transfer.


Real World VATSIM IVAO Minimum Hours
Aerodrome Controller TMA Controller (S3) ADC 50
Approach Controller Enroute Controller (C1) APC 60
Area Controller No Transfer ACC -
No Transfer No Transfer SEC -


Real World IVAO Minimum Hours
PPL or CPL without IR PP 50
PPL or CPL or ATPL with IR SPP 60
CPL or ATPL with IR and MEL CP 70
No Transfer ATP -

Note: Pilots licenses to SPP and CP must contain at least ICAO English proficiency level 4 and license and IR must be valid at the time of request.

Rating Transfer Process

The process of any rating transfer involves certain people to advocate and validate the request. It should be followed carefully to enable rapid completion.

  • Furnish a scan of your license, please include all pages without any hidden item , – or –
  • Make a screen shot of your VATSIM profile page, please make sure VID, name and ratings are clearly visible (as applicable).
  • Request the rating transfer with your Division HQ (DIR/ADIR), who will have to act as an advocate to your request. Include the scan of your license / profile screen shot.
  • The Division HQ will check the copies of the documents supplied, as far as possible.
  • If the Division HQ supports your request, they will forward your application to TD/TAD.
  • HQ Training Department will make a cross-check of the documents.
  • The Training Department may request the applicant to complete one or more theoretical and/or practical exam(s) before deciding on the rating transfer.
  • The Training Department may request an interview with the applicant so as to check his professional capability corresponds with the provided license and/or his English proficiency level matches the requested rating.
  • Once the application is approved by the HQ Training Department, the applicant will be upgraded to the applicable rating as shown in the table above.
  • The applicant as well as the concerned Division HQ will be notified of the completion of the rating transfer.

Email Example

Email to: xe-dir@ivao.aero
Subject: Request Rating Transfer
Attachment: JPG/PNG of the relevant document
  • ID & Name: xxxxxx First Name, Last Name
  • Requesting Rating: ADC / APC / ACC / PP / SPP / CP
  • VATSIM ID: xxxxxx (if applicable)

Data Protection

The HQ Training department and the Division HQ will handle the personal data of the requester highly confidential and according to GDPR compliance. After the rating transfer is completed, the items submitted, will be deleted permanently. HQ Training Department reserves the right to re-request specific data like a scan of the license at any time, or refuse the rating transfer in a case of any doubt, without clarification.


If false or forged documents are sent, or if any cheating during the transfer process is recognized,

  • The user will not receive the requested rating transfer (or will be downgraded, see below),
  • The user will be banned from doing exams for twelve months.
  • The case will also be put to the attention of the Executive for further possible sanctions.

Attaining Higher Ratings after a Rating Transfer

Should the applicant of any rating transfer wish to advance to a higher IVAO rating, he/she will have to complete the normal theoretical and practical exam for the desired rating.

Downgrade after a Rating Transfer

In exceptional cases, there may be reasons to downgrade a user who holds the privilege of a rating transfer. Reasons for a downgrade may include, but are not limited to:

  • Indications of forged documents that supplemented the rating transfer.
  • Verifiable reports of sub-standard performance of the user in relation to the rating transferred.
  • Misbehaviour or violation of IVAO's Rules and Regulations., which would also justify a suspension of the user from the network.
  • The division HQ can send a request for downgrade of the member any time. This must be sent for IVAO TD/TAD - with the detailed information and reason.