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Xin Chao - Hello and Welcome to Vietnam

Welcome to HaNoi Flight Infomation Region (FIR) Wiki Page for Vietnam Airspace, part of the IVAO XE East Asia Region Division! These sets of pages should help provide you with all the information you need while controlling HaNoi Airspace

Note: Please keep in mind, IVAO stresses that our network is at global peace without any conflicts between nations. We also strive to simulate realism. So, while it is ok to respect the prohibited airspace at the DMZ between the DPRK and ROK, on IVAO, direct flights are permissible between the two nations. At no time shall any war simulation be performed in Korean airspace as this is a huge violation against IVAO rules and regulations. That being said, enjoy HaNoi Control

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HaNoi Control

Here are the lists of valid center positions IVAO XE authorizes in HaNoi Airspace

All radio callsigns are "HaNoi Control" regardless of sector.

Sector Position Callsign Frequency Coverage Area
HaNoi Control High VVVV_CTR 123.300 Primary, High Sector above FL190 when other sectors online. Covers entire FIR when other sectors offline
HaNoi Control North VVVV_1_CTR 132.300 North Sector, Covers North of Hanoi FIR from VVNB-VVCI-VVVD-VVDB
HaNoi Control Middle VVVV_2_CTR 133.650 Middle Sector, Covers Middle of Hanoi FIR
HaNoi Control South VVVV_3_CTR 125.900 South Sector, Covers South of HanoI FIR

En Route and Cruise

RVSM Airspace

Hanoi FIR has RVSM Airspace From FL190 to FL410 and as such follows standard semi-circular rules in feet (FL).
360-179 odd flight levels (ex. FL290, FL310, FL230)
180-359 even flight levels (ex. FL300, FL240, FL380)

Transition Altitude

All of Hanoi FIR Airports has a transition altitude of 18000 feet and transition level of FL100.

Hanoi FIR uses QNH (standard 1013 hectopascals or miilibars)

Transponder Codes

En route transponder codes range from 3200-3277
Domestic Departures and Arrivals will get a range of 6000-6777
International Departures and Arrivals will get a range of 5000-5777
Avoid using squawk codes beginning with 40xx,00xx,20xx these are reserved for Vientlane, Sanya, Kumming FIR

China LOA and Meters

All handoffs to Chinese airspace will be given to Sanya Control (ZJSA_CTR),Kumming Control (ZPKM_CTR) and Guangzhou Control (ZGZU_CTR) on an airway at 8 waypoints and at a meters flight level to meet Chinese RVSM airspace requirements.

Traffic routed North will be on the W22,W6,R471 airways and a handoff shall be initiated by LAOCI, KATBO
Traffic routed West will be on the W10 and A202 airway and a handoff shall be initiated by ASSAD, BALOV
Traffic routed North West will be on the R474 airway and a hand off shall be initiated by TEBAK

All aircraft entering Chinese airspace must be assigned a meters altitude by Ho Chi Minh control prior to initiating a handoff to Sanya,Kumming and Guangzhou or sent to UNICOM. Use the chart below to match the nearest meters level to the flight level they are cruising at or filed in Korean airspace. For example, if they are cruising at FL360, assigned 11,000 meters which will translate to FL361/36,100ft. When an aircraft enters Korean airspace from China, assign a cruise flight level nearest to their meters level as Chinese controllers normally do not assign a FL prior to handing off to Vietnamese controllers.

Chinese meters.png

Standard Arrivals and Departures

VVNB NoiBai Intl The followings are the STAR's to be assigned for aircraft arriving into Tansonhat International Airport in NoiBai (Hanoi).
VVNB SID and STAR Charts You can read it for more details

Navigation AIDS

Identifier Name Frequency

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